Handmade Japanese paper, or washi, was introduced by Prince Oama (later Emperor Tenmu) to Yoshino more than 1,300 years ago. It is made from paper mulberry, panicled hydrangea, white clay, and soft water drawn from Yoshino mountains. They say it is strong enough to last for 1,000 years. Washi paper has been used mainly for mounting such as scrolls. In these modern days, it is also used for restoring cultural properties in Japan, as well as in the world. Please enjoy making washi paper through the instruction of Mr. Masayuki Fukunishi, a Traditional Artisan designated by Nara prefecture. He is also a “Holder of Selected Conservation Techniques” recognized by the Japanese government, in the field of making handmade Japanese paper (udagami) for mounting. In this program, you will make washi paper by hand and decorate it with your own original designs using natural dyes from plants. It will be your own "one and only" set of eight postcards.
Fukunishi Washi Honpo
Please enjoy making washi paper, and learn Japanese traditional culture.
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