This is a location shooting plan in which you can photograph great memories while sightseeing in the town of Nara. ★Japanese Style (Kimono) :able to experience Japanese costumes ★Western Style (Dress/Tuxedo) :Attractive clothing with a beautiful silhouette You can choose whichever you like. Of course, it's OK to use the costume you bring! Costumes for two, vehicle, etc. are all included! So you don't have to worry about bringing anything with you! You can also bring along any of your own personal things, and you can also make your own special fun photo shoot♪ While sightseeing in the beautiful scenery of Nara, you can enjoy plenty of your own original photographs♪ The popular places are; · Nara Park, where you can play with deer · Naramachi, where old-fashioned townscapes remain · Mt.Wakakusa, which has a the fabulous panoramic view · A Japanese garden where Japanese ancient beauty remains and so on... Spring with the cherry blossoms, the fresh greens of early summer, colored leaves of autumn are also very recommended ☆
Photo studio Watanabe
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