Discover Traditional Nara Walking Tour (Half day)
This tour visits three must-see spots in “deer park”, Nara. It includes Kasuga-taisha Shrine - praised for its beautiful vermilion structures, hanging bronze lanterns, and the three thousand stone lanterns that lead up to it. It also includes Todai-ji Temple - renowned for its Great Buddha originally created in the eighth century, and Kofuku-ji Temple - closely related to the Fujiwara family, a noble family once at the summit of its prosperity. This tour is recommended not only for first-time visitors to Nara but also for repeat visitors to discover new charms of Nara.
Nara Visitor's Bureau
Dive into Nara's must-see spots and discover the classic yet new charms of Nara!

My wife and I had a great time in Nara our haft day walking tour was awesome we found out not just about Nara-Shi history also Japan’s couldn’t recommend it more highly it’s a must do , thanks
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