How to use this website – a full guideline from searching to booking

1. Searching for programs or activities.

There are three methods that you can find the activities or programs that may suit you the most!

A) Search by location
Simply click on the location that you are planning to visit or anywhere that interests you. You will find varieties of programs or activities of that place.
B) Search by date of participation
Through setting the date, you can see the list of activities available at that date.
C) Search by types of activity
If you search by types of activities, you can select activities such as Temples & Shrines or Japanese culture.


2. If you search by types of activities, you can select activities such as hiking or water games.

Please check the distance from your place to the destination!

Through seeing the details of introduction of the program, you can check the time and distance from the place of meeting up, route, and transportation etc.


3. After making up your decision.

There are two methods to book for the program, ‘instant booking’ or ‘booking on request’.

Please click into the date you plan to travel first. After reading the details, please fill in all the required items of the ‘Application Form for Booking’ and press ‘continue’.

In case of the program of ‘booking on request’, your reservation has not finished yet at this stage. Some activities may not be available even if the status is shown as ‘available’. Please wait patiently for the reply of the operator.


4. The arrival of auto-reply.

Once you send the ‘Application form for booking’, you will receive an auto-reply. Please check if the content is correct, or not.

The follows are some of the possible conditions if you have not received any auto-reply.
(1) Your email security setting has blocked our email.
(2) You have entered a wrong email address.
(3) Because of connection problem, your application form has not been sent properly.

Regarding condition (1), please check whether you can receive any email from []. In addition, please contact us at the following e-mail address [].

Providing us with the same information (such as telephone number or email) that you entered in the application form will allow us to identify your application more easily.


5. Reply from the operator. (In case of ‘booking on request’ )

In case of ‘booking on request’, the operator will send a ‘booking confirmation’ to notify whether your application is accepted or not within one or two days after you send the application form. Your booking will be confirmed as long as you receive the email of acceptation ( or after your reply on that email ). The operator will reply in English. Please double check as customer can also receive an email of ‘booking rejection’ for some cases.

Once you finish booking, please contact the operator directly for any inquiries such as change of the number of participant or cancellation. (Regarding change of the number of participant of cancellation, please refer to the details of the specific activity.)

Different activities may have different methods of payment. Methods of payment are shown at the content details of the activity. Please contact the operator through email for anything unclear.


6. On the day of participation.

Please arrive at the indicated time and location of meeting up with staff. For any requests or questions on the day of participation, you are advised to contact the operator directly.

After your participation, please feel free to leave a message at “word-of mouth” corner of our website.
(Please click “here” for a list of “word-of-mouth” messages)

<Cancellation policy>
Different activities may have different policies regarding cancellation. Cancelling charge and terms are clearly indicated at the ‘change/cancel’ column of the activity. Please do check before you send the ‘application form for booking’. If there is any change imposed upon cancellation, please pay according to the requirement of the operator.