Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest is located in the main area of Nara City and very close to Nara Park. It has remained untouched for thousands of years and has been carefully protected as the sacred forest of the Kasugataisha Shrine. There are over 800 types of trees, wild animals, rare birds and insects. Takisaka-no-Michi path, one of the famous hiking courses in the forest, passes a waterfall and small caves carved with Buddha figures. It is said to be a training path for monks in Nara and you can see the objects of faith along the way. The path leads to Yagyu Village known as the birthplace of the Yagyu Shinkage School of swordsmanship. The statue of Kubikiri Jizo appears along the way. It has been sliced at the neck by a sword. According to folklore, it was used by the master swordsman to test his blade. Please feel our history and culture in the Primeval Forest and enjoy a rare opportunity with a professional guide!
Nara Visitor's Bureau
How about going on an adventure tour in Primeval Forest with experienced guide?
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