Adventure Caving

  • Program
    per person:12,000 JPY
    time period
    All year
    Approx. 5 hours.
    Language Japanese,English

Do you want to experience a full-fledged caving?
This is the one for you!
Explore the natural beauty of the underworld with a guide!

【What this program can offer】
●Go into unspoiled cave with a certified caving guide.
●Explore the caves and find mystic scenery or creatures you can’t normally see.
●The mystic underground refreshes both your mind and body.
●You don’t have to prepare the special gear for caving. We offer you a helmet, headlight, jumpsuit, protector, gloves and boots.
●The program includes lunch and hot spring taking.

This program offer you an extraordinary, full-fledged caving experience.
Please note that participants need to be over 13 years old.

What’s Caving?
Caving is the activity of exploring caves with the special gear on.
You can find mystic sights or creatures that have evolved in a unique way, all in an underground that formed over long periods of time.
We will take you underground with a guide certified by the Japan Caving Union.
  • Let's go caving!

  • The underworld with a guide.

  • Taking pictures deep in the cave.

Program details
Program Adventure Caving
Program fee

per person:12,000 JPY

Available time period

All season program

Available time period Detail All year(January through December)
Required time Approx. 5 hours. Start at 10:00.
Schedule 09:45 Check-in.
Explore the cave and find the mystic scenery or creatures you can’t normally see. (Approx. 2 hrs 30 mins)
After the caving, have lunch with our guide and other participants.
To end the tour, go to a hot spring facility by car.
Take a refreshing bath with participants.
The tour officially ends at the hot spring facility at around 15:00, but take your time in the hot spring and leave when you like.
group / party -Minimum: 2 participants
-Maximum: 7 participants
Requirements for participation -This program is available to people over the age of 13.
*People under the age of 20 need to participate with their parents. Please inform us if the group is composed of only participants under age.
Things to bring / required items 1. Clothes wearing under jumpsuits (top, bottom)
-Chemical fiber type of sportswear, jersey, spats are preferable.
-Please be advised that, even under jumpsuits, your clothes can get a little dirty from mud in the cave as jumpsuits are not waterproof. - We recommend to wear clothes that dirt can be removed from, or cloths you can throw away. - Please wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants as you walk in the mountains to the cave. 2. Change of clothes (top, under) - Just in case your clothes get dirty. 3. Change of socks. - Socks can get dirty. 4. Plastic bag for putting dirty clothes in. 5. Towels and change of clothes for hot spring. - Shampoo and soap are available at the hot spring facility. 6. A bottle of water (preferably 500ml) - You can buy drinks around the meeting spot. 7. Travel Insurance certificate. - Just in case, please bring it with you, if you have one.
Included in this fee -Lecture by a certified guide.
-Rental fees of caving equipment (helmet, headlight, jumpsuits, protector, gloves, boots)
-Fee for hot spring.
-Insurance fee
Not included in fees -Personal expenses
Meeting location Parking lot in front of Kawakami Village Office.
Address of meeting location 1335-7, Sako, Kawakami Village , Kawakami-mura Yoshino-gun, Nara-prefecture

【By car】
-1 hour 10 minutes from Hari Interchange of Meihan Expressway.
-2 hours from Kouriyama Interchange of Nishi Meihan Expressway.
-1 hour 30 minutes from Kashiwara Interchange of Nishi Meihan Expressway
-1 hour 20 minutes from Katsuragi Interchange of Minami Hanna Road.
-2 hours from Wakayama city through Keinawa Expressway.

【By train】
-From Osaka-
Take limited express for Yoshino at Kintetsu Osaka Abenobashi Station and get off at Yamato Kami-ichi Station. (1 hour 30 minutes)
-From Kyoto-
Take limited express for Kashihara-jingumae at Kintetsu Kyoto Station , transfer trains for Yoshino at Kashihara- jingumae Station, and get off at Yamato Kami-ichi Station. (2 hours)

【After arriving at Yamato Kami-ichi Station】
-Take the Yamabuki Bus, Smile Bus or Yuyu Bus and get off at “Kawakami mura Yakuba-mae Bus stop”. (30~50 minutes)

*Times required are approximate.

Show Big Map
Payment method Please pay in cash on the spot.
Language Japanese,English

The guide/instructor will explain in easy/simple English.
Guides' recommendations,
highlights in this area
This is an activity that adults can enjoy!


Q: How much do I get dirty?
A: You can get dirty, especially around chest, lower body and buttocks. Mud can get the inner clothes wet through jumpsuit, so please wear the clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.
Q: How do I get to the cave?
A: You drive your own car. Guide’s car leads you between the meeting spot and the cave. Please inform us if you use public transportation.
Q: Where can I keep my valuables?
A: Please keep your valuables in your own car. The guide will keep your car keys with him during the caving, so you can go empty-handed into the cave to avoid the following: - Devices getting wet/broken through contact with mud or moisture. - Devices being dropped, lost, or stuck between rocks. Please leave the photo taking to our guide during the caving. Q: Where can I change my clothes? A: Please change your clothes before the program. There is no place to change before the caving . After the caving, you can changes at the hot spring facility. Q: Where can I keep my belongings? A: Please keep your belongings in your own car. You will drive your car to the cave and go empty-handed into the cave, so you don't need to bring backpacks to the cave. Please keep your change of clothes and towels in your car. Q: Is there a weight restriction for caving? A: In this course, you go through some narrow holes. Ideal weight is under 100kg. If you worry about it, feel free to ask us.


A cancellation fee shall be charged as following if you cancel booking or reduce the number of the group.
* 8 days before the tour: Free of charge
* 2-7 days before the tour: 30% of the tour fee
* 1 day before the tour: 50% of the tour fee
* On the day of the tour: 100% of the tour fee
* No show on the day: 100% of the tour fee

No fee will be charged if the cancellation is due to our reasons such as bad weather.

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* The deadline for submission of request is 2 days before the desired date to allow for processing time. Therefore please send request early.

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