Sinyakushi-ji Temple (New Pharmacist Temple)

Sinyakushi-ji Temple was established for curing the illness of Emperor-Shoumu by Komyo empress.
This temple is located the area of Takabatake in Nara Park.
In Nara period Shinyakushi-ji had Golden (main) hall, East and West Towers. Moreover it was located next to the Todai-ji Temple according to the pictorial diagram called ‘Todaiji Sankai Shii-zu (painting of mountain border of four path to Todai-ji Temple)’ dated 756 .
Seven Tathagatas of pharmacist were made with the bodhisattvas Suryaprabha and Candraprabha. The Seven Tathagatas were built the center, and the Bodhisattvas were the aside.
After the construction, several natural disasters hit on them. Followed by thunderbolt in 780(damage to the West Tower), and the typhoon in 967(downfall to the Golden main hall.) Furthermore Heike(the Taira family) Great Fire made the temple destructed.
Main temple building is still remains from Nara period. Many researchers suppose it was used to be the dining area. This building got the Japanese character of Tenpyo (ancient era of Japan.) National Treasured Twelve Guardian is the one of the best in Tenpyo period, and standing around the principal image to protect from enormities. That is the reason of why the guardian are showing their back to the principal image. All got different postures to guard the area.
Yakushi-Nyorai (Tathagatas of pharmacist) seems to relieve the sufferings one by one with right way. She is really mother-like.
Nara Wintter experience got “the priests are guiding early-morning exhibition to Main temple building of National Sin-Yakushiji Temple, and Koyakushi-do (incense medical area) where normally limited to enter.
The secret Buddha of Otama-Jizo was found the Heisei-reparment inside of Kagekiyo-Jizo. Both are almost same size and that was unusual case.
People pray two Jizo for easy-birth and health.