Water from Totsukawa, Udon from Scratch!

Unlike fruits, vegetables, and many foods in Japan, udon noodles don’t have a season. They are a popular item year round across the country, especially at lunch time, when many shops will be full of people slurping up the soft, white, delicious noodles. It was that slurping that caused my dad to raise his eyebrows when he first came to Japan and ate udon. However, it is actually a way that helps you taste both the noodles and the soup, and enjoy the aroma. Even if it is a little uncomfortable for you, I suggest you try it!

Atop the white noodles, you might find a variety of toppings, like beef, green onions, battered or fried shrimp, pumpkin, sweet potato, pumpkin, or a nest-like combination of sliced carrots and onions. I often order the udon topped with fried tofu, known as “kitsune udon” (fox udon), stemming from the belief that foxes like fried tofu. Regardless of which kind of udon I order, it is always consistently delicious, especially on a cold winter’s day.

Many people eat udon in shops or buy it at the grocery store, but we have an experience that allows you to try making it from scratch! Feel the dough in your hands, and learn how to make udon like a pro! Totsukawa Udon Komichi uses water from Totsukawa Village, Nara, bringing some of the fresh flavors of the mountains to you in the city. Please feel free to check it out!